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True Nutrition Protein Powder

Spoiler alert: this stuff is actually pretty good.

After my last post¬†about protein powder, someone suggested that I check out True Nutrition‘s custom protein powders. ¬†They have a pretty good selection of different proteins, and a handy calculator that shows you the nutrition information as you choose your mix, so I gave it a go.


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So, two things to know about me: my neurologist told me to limit my sodium intake, and I’m lactose intolerant. Also, I don’t eat as much protein as I mean to. I guess that’s three things.

Anyway, I’m on an eternal, possibly futile quest to find a low-sodium, lactose-free protein powder that doesn’t taste like ass and dirt. I have not had much luck. Here’s a list (that I will probably periodically update) of what I’ve tried so far:

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