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True Nutrition Protein Powder

Spoiler alert: this stuff is actually pretty good.

After my last post about protein powder, someone suggested that I check out True Nutrition‘s custom protein powders.  They have a pretty good selection of different proteins, and a handy calculator that shows you the nutrition information as you choose your mix, so I gave it a go.

My mix is a 35% pea protein concentrate, 60% sacha inchi protein, the remainder is dextrose and chocolate coconut flavoring.  I haven’t tried sacha inchi before, but I’ve been meaning to.  It’s not as widely available as other proteins, though, and I’ve had a hard time finding any reviews on it.

The nutritional breakdown per 30g of my custom protein is 120 calories (15 from fat), 1.7g fat, 5.5g carbs (2.3g fiber/3.1g sugars), and 19.2g protein, all for just 93.8mg sodium.  Not bad for the seventeen bucks this cost before shipping.  (Standard shipping was seven dollars, and took like a week.  Amazon has spoiled me, so that seems horrific, but it’s really not that bad, I suppose.)

Now to the important part:  texture and taste.

For a vegan protein powder, the texture is really good.  There is a tiny bit of grit, but it’s not very noticeable, and the powder mixes very easily with water or whatever sort of milk.  (I use soy, personally.)

As for taste, the coconut chocolate, at least, is delicious.  One problem with True Nutrition is that they use stevia with a lot of their flavors, and I really hate the taste of stevia, but they always disclose what sweeteners they’re using, so it’s not really a big deal.  I am going to try other flavors in future orders, but it’s good to know that the first flavor I tried was fantastic.

All in all, I’m really happy with this protein powder.  Having this much control over the composition of it was great, and I don’t see how I could go back to non-custom proteins now.

If you want to try out True Nutrition for yourself, I have a 5% discount code for y’all.  Just use LHH802 at checkout.  (This post isn’t sponsored by or affiliated with True Nutrition in any way; they’ll literally give out a referral discount code to anyone who asks for one.)

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