A Carolina girl with wandering feet.

Peachtree Rock

I went for a short hike this morning at Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve. It’s in Lexington County, about 15 miles away from Columbia.

I’ve been sick these past few weeks (like, had-to-be-hospitalized sick), and I wanted something to ease my way back into my usual activities. Peachtree Rock was just what the doctor ordered. The trails are, for the most part, nice and soft with sand, but not so soft that it’s difficult to walk on them. There aren’t very many steep inclines, either. I did have to clamber over some rocks at one point, but there was probably a way around that I just didn’t see.

I think I’m going to head back out here to run sometimes. The trails are cushiony and not very technical, which is what I want right now.

Also, the scenery is pretty nice:

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