A Carolina girl with wandering feet.

Peachtree Rock

I went for a short hike this morning at Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve. It’s in Lexington County, about 15 miles away from Columbia.

I’ve been sick these past few weeks (like, had-to-be-hospitalized sick), and I wanted something to ease my way back into my usual activities. Peachtree Rock was just what the doctor ordered. (more…)

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So, those pictures I thought got deleted? I found them when I changed phones a couple of months ago. It turns out that, because I had no signal, my phone recorded all my pictures as being taken in 1980, so they didn’t show up where I expected them to and I never scrolled all the way to the bottom.

Here’s Jones Gap last winter:

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I went hiking Wednesday at Jones Gap State Park. I left Columbia late, though, and they close the trails at five in the winter, so I only got a couple hours hiking. It was fun, though. I’ll have to go back soon. I’ll try not to oversleep next time.

I took a whole bunch of pictures, and then my phone ate them. Here are the two that survived:

That’s the bridge right past the Visitor’s Center. Also for next time: remember my camera batteries!

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