A Carolina girl with wandering feet.


You might have noticed that this is my first post here in two years.  It’s hard to do an outdoors blog when you keep getting sick and injured.

In the last two years, I have:

  • Gotten mono.  At thirty!  People think it’s hilarious when you get mono as an adult, by the way.  I’m glad that at least my coworkers got some amusement out of the situation, because I didn’t.
  • Tore multiple ligaments in my ankle.  I was in a walking boot for nearly three months.  Don’t step in holes in the pavement in the dark.
  • Got two kinds of anemia, at the same time.  (B-12 deficiency anemia and iron deficiency.)  That’s a thing you can do, apparently.  My vitamin D was also ridiculously low when this happened.
  • Had some issues with my chronic, service-connected disabilities.
  • Tore my acetabular labrum.  (Ikea is a dangerous place.)  I am just now starting physical therapy, and in six weeks, we’ll see if I need hip surgery or not.

The point is, this blog is not abandoned.  I’m just a hot mess at the moment.  Palmetto Adventurer will resume a more regular update schedule once I’m able to walk without a cane, assuming I don’t catch West Nile virus or something next.

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